Want to be able to confidently read how words sound in any accent?

Want to be able to reliably write what you hear when researching a dialect for
a character?
Introduction to the
International Phonetic Alphabet
(edited video)
  • take you through the 40 IPA symbols that represent the subtle speech sounds heard in all Anglo accents

  • explain what's happening in the mouth when we make the different speech sounds

  • give you examples of how different speech sounds are used in different accents of English

  • provide links to several resources for you to learn even more about the 120+ IPA symbols representing the sounds of more than 6900 languages worldwide
In this 90-minute video, I will...
/ɑɪ lɜːnt ə lɒt frɒm ˈwɒtʃ.ɪŋ ðɪs/
[aɪ lɝnd ə lɑt̚ frəm ˈwɑtʃ.ɪn ðɪs]
You might already know the IPA enough to be able to read and understand the lines above, but after watching this video, you'll not only be able to understand them but also pronounce them as written and 'see' the differences between accents.

This video opens up a world of resources to you.
"I picked up more in a couple hours than I expected to. The way you broke it all down was very helpful and made a lot of sense."

—Kydra R

"I really loved the game... It was a lot of fun to figure out those phrases and dialects."

—Emma F

"I appreciated all the external resources and references... That way I can reference this in the future."

—Lisa Y
What others said...
Practice excercise worksheet with links to several external resources
Price includes.....
Non-Flash interactive IPA Periodic Table (logically designed and colour-coded for fast learning—listen & repeat to practise)
Easy-to-access chapter points for skipping to each chapter of the video
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IPA for Beginners: An Introductory Workshop (the video)
In this 90-minute video, I go through all the speech sounds (and their correlating IPA symbols) as heard in all anglo accents so that you will be able to distinguish one from another and make use of the IPA to annotate scripts.
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